When you need a CMS controlled website and are running on a specific budget, WordPress is the best choice for you. WordPress is an awesome open-source CMS which can get you up and running in no time at all. We provide wordpress theme development service which made your design or concept integrated in wordpress. Our themes are built from scratch, which means, we do not refer to ANY off the shelf WordPress theme to start building upon what already exist. With Custom Design, the process starts with understanding your requirements and coming up with Design Comps which are done in PhotoShop as per your instructions, preferences and addressing your design requirements.

WordPress theme development

Once we have agreed on moving ahead with a Custom Design Draft, we do the slicing to convert the graphic to an HTML page and request your review and suggestions before we convert the pages to a Custom Theme for WordPress.

We can design and build you a custom designed theme on WordPress using a design of your choice within a period of 7-10 days and you can have a website that you can expand to tens of thousands of pages or posts.